Wednesday, March 07, 2007

She's back

that's 35, big deal huh?


Anonymous said...

yeahh laundry girl

Mike said...

Caldwell, I fear that the guy with the hat in your comics who also happens to have an overly-possive girlfriend is a manifestation of some separation anxiety with someone else with similar features. While I appreciated making comics that were clearly pointed at one girl we both know who gets off folding masses of laundry for anonymous men, I now see your characters have made a turn for the worse. Please consider focusing more jokes around masturbating ninjas, and less around wearing hats and getting yelled at by a pretty girl... because there is nothing wrong with that... I swear. More importantly, I really like a lot of the stuff you have posted recently. Its really funny, and I hope the show is going well.

Don't Forget Your Potholders, or to Draw Lightning Related Cartoons in your spare time (which I imagine does not exist),