Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A New Harvest: Rant of the High Geek Priest

Sorry about the massive update, the time usually spent neglecting this blog is being rerouted for your convenience, dear reader. Anyway, I wanted to talk about a discovery I made yesterday. While at the book store attempting to reserve a copy of Harry Potter (they were out), I came across a rack of comic books. Looking to cement my nerdiness (and also find some good reference material). I made a guilty discovery, a comic produced by marvel called "power pack", which features four pre-teen sibling superheroes teaming up with various marvel heroes to defeat bullies and villains alike. Lame plot I know, but the thing that really interested me was that the art was done by a team of japanese artists collectively called "Gurihiru". I found it awesome that their style was basically a reverse-engineered version of Avatar (an american made "anime"). It's definitely marvel, but it's also very anime. I'm big into hybrid comics like this, and the colors just leap out at you. There's a girl who flies around leaving a rainbow trail everywhere,'s like that.

anyway, I just thought it was cool, I've never really bought comics from "the rack" before, but the simple fun that is power pack has inspired a change in my settled, creaking ways.

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