Sunday, July 08, 2007

Something Up Ahead!


So I made a couple site changes, now you can actually get from tube to tube with relative ease!

In other news.

I went to the Getty today with my buddy and co-worker Jed, and his wife. Jedward is an amazing artist and has a blogspot similar to my own. view it here!

After the exhibit, we went and saw Ratatouille. It's definitely the best movie I've seen in a while (transformers is an oh so close second though). You just gotta love that new school Disney/Pixar Magic. I think crazy ol' Walt would be proud to see how things are going over there. I just can't remember feeling so satisfied after the movie was over since I saw Knocked Up. But this hit me on a completely different level. If you haven't seen it yet, please fix this problem, and fast.

That's all I gots for now, but I've got a whole mess of sketches to upload, so expect those soon.



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