Thursday, June 28, 2007

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This'll make a lot more sense with words. But still not too much. Click on "The Wonderous Misadventures" link over there to find out more.

New things of note.

A couple days ago I saw a 12 year old kid dressed as a ninja running around in westwood village. Needless to say, the sight filled me with joy. Finally, children are respecting the ways of their elders. society is saved.

I spent a good part of today drawing a big black naked guy and no, I wasn't filming a gay porn remake of Titanic, just doing some figure drawing. It was the first time I've done it, and it's a really great exercise.

I made a flash cartoon last weekend. You can see it here.

I spent 40 minutes looking for a place to park this afternoon. People driving past me could witness the fantastic sight that was me cursing loudly at some unknown foe. Let the mask be cast off, that foe's name is Sidestreet, and it pours it's entire being into thwarting me day in and day out.

Random Thoughts:

Where are all the people with bumper stickers that say "make austin normal"?

I'm pretty sure puffins don't give two shits about where you smoke.

the majority of deaths in children under 4 involve incidents in which they attempt to emulate child adventurer Dora the explorer. Most of these cases end with the child either found dead, having gone "exploring" in the wrong part of town. Some get lucky, however, and find their way to mexico, where their newly acquired spanish skills help them to lead a prosperous life selling chiclets outside the american embassy.

wow...that was a weird one...h

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