Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things I've Learned

Here a few helpful tips to make your stay in LA more pleasant.

1. Everyone is crazy, you are probably crazy too, but have yet to realize it.

2. Unless you are really, really angry all the time, you're most likely going to get in a crash while driving here.

3. Surf's Up is a really good movie, not only because of the fact that I'm working for Sony, but because of how well the dialogue flows and the beautiful effects of the surfboards cutting through the water.

4. Always carry change with you. It's useful for several purposes including doing your laundry, paying parking meters, and of course fending off homeless people.

5. Linux is a strange and foreign thing, revered by most sages as "the one true nerdspeak," impenetrable by those not well practiced in the coding arts.

6. LA is aweseome.


Jed said...

this man speaks wisdom. I think i'm a magnet for homeless people. The problem is, I vowed to myself a year ago that if anybody ever asks for help, i've got to help somehow... so I think they can see that in the way I slouch or something. Who knows? Yay Sony internship! Go Caldwell!

Jed said...

Caldwell, you're helarious! You should try writing stories. or maybe you already do?

check out my friend's random comedy commentary blog at stlewis.blogspot.com.

The Redcoat said...

why thank you jedward, and you're probably right about helping people, I hear that it's the right thing to do.