Wednesday, June 20, 2007

trendy folks title blogs with song quotes

I've got so many sketches that I want to upload, but I really don't want to unpack my scanner yet. I've been playing musical futons here at the fraternity house since sunday night, but tomorrow I should be settled into my actual room. At that point I'll do the following.

1. hook up my scanner.

2. upload sketches

3. start back on other projects

4. lock the door and do a silent run-through of Shakespeare's Hamlet
entirely with sock puppets.

5. more sketches

6. alphabetize my keyboard

7. Inform people (via blog) that I was only kidding about 1-3.

I need to stop typing in lists.

In other news, I'm trying really hard to mix up my style, an innovation which should come in handy for use in my many other projects.

But with any luck, I'll learn some new techniques and have much to show for my efforts.

until the sun cycles,


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