Saturday, June 23, 2007

new sketches

new sketches I did today at the Getty Museum. I saw some really awesome paintings by really famous dead europeans. They had a gallery set up for a guy named Oudry who painted animals for some king and I learned that in the 18th century Europe was totally obsessed with rhinoceroses. Oudry did a ten foot painting of one and several other artists were inspired to draw this "Wond'rous Horn'd Beaste". They were like the beatles of the 1700's. Since nobody had ever seen one 'then, everyone started flipping out and buying as much rhino merch as they could. There was a whole part of the gallery dedicated to sketches, engravings and even lockets featuring rhinoceroses.

I'm sure there were dissenters though. People who thought that rhinos were just a fad, and that the animal kingdom had "sold out". These people stuck to the classics and mostly collected pictures of lions and more "dignified" mammals.

I also suggest that if you haven't seen a movie called "Paprika" yet that you remedy this condition almost immediately.

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